Benefits of Natural Remedies

One thing that I believe more people should know and be aware of is the medicinal and health benefits that earth naturally provides us. The greatest of what the Earth has to share with us can be found in different herbs and plants.

Healing properties in Tumeric, Green Tea, Ginger and Onion have been known for centuries (just to name a few).

Since we live in a society that puts preference to the pharmaceutical industry, it is a challenge to find people who still know the health benefits of some of the most simple plants and herbs that grow literally everywhere.

Tumeric for instance, is a vegetable that is similar to ginger in consistency, although it is the size of a sweet potato. When crushed Tumeric can be used as a spice and put in virtually anything! I mostly like to add mine to chicken and eggs.

So you’re probably wondering, why Tumeric? Tumeric is packed with a substance called Curcumin which is an anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer, anti-depressent, anti-diabetic, pain killer, and an anti-coagulant. Tumeric is arguably the most important herb or spice on the planet.

Ginger is known to boost our immune systems and also contains anti-inflammatory properties.

Green tea allows us to ingest all the antioxidants we need to fight off infections and even certain types of cancers. Green Tea also increases our metabolism, allowing us to burn fat quicker and naturally. It is also known to help fight tooth decay by killing unwanted bacteria in the mouth.

For hundreds of years onion has been used to fight disease and treat illness. There was a time when we didn’t have modern medicine and you can thank who ever you want for allowing the earth to be so plentiful of all the natural medications we will ever need. Onions contain a good amount of Vitamin C to help produce immunity to different illnesses, as well as helping to prevent cancer!


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