Why I Traced My Ancestry

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I’m sure you’ve noticed the growing popularity in those DNA kits and tracing your history/ancestry. If not, all you have to do is google “DNA kits” and you’ll see an array of companies you can use for this process.

Some are skeptical. I get it, but if you go into the research and know anything about biology or DNA you’ll realize this is no scam or gimmick. Just like figuring out Paternal DNA you can get your DNA tested against different groups of people across the world to see if you have similar DNA as those groups of people. I’ve tried two of the DNA companies but eventually I plan on trying all of them because they offer different services.

So I’m here to share with you my experience results and reasons for why I love this fairly new technology and think it is sooo important.

Being African-American we don’t…

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Be The Light

Life Writes with Tiffany

The world is filled with too much darkness, too much hate and confusion and not enough love.


Be the light in the midst of all the dark, your smile may change someone’s day.

Be kind always. Even when people aren’t kind to you. Maybe they’ve had a bad day or are going through tough times. They could be fighting a war you know nothing about. Show them the mercy that you would want shown to you.

When light shines darkness cannot prevail. It immediately withdraws from where it came.

Don’t be fooled. Being the light doesn’t mean that you’re tolerant or afraid to stand up for what’s right.

Imagine your room dark, you can’t see a thing but the moment you flick the switch your light comes on, BOLD, without hesitation.

With truth and light you have nothing to fear.

Carry it with you always, truth that is. You never…

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Potential and Preperation 

Life Writes with Tiffany

What is potential? The ability to have certain traits and circumstance that could lead to your success? Your personality, attitude, energy level and even intelligence.
Is potential the set of skills that you’re naturally born with? Could it also be the energy that is within you to have the ability to do a certain task. Potential is something you must grow, feed, and take care of.
So you have the potential. I believe all of us do, we just have to find it and CULTIVATE it into something so spectacular that the whole world will be mesmerized. You have to believe in you, once you do, figure out what your potential is in. Maybe you have potential in multiple things. We need to stop putting all our time to one task when we have the brain power to efficiently be excellent at whatever we please.
How do you prep your…

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Do I Really Need 8 Hours of Sleep??

Sometimes it is hard to catch a full 6-8 hours of sleep, which is the average amount that we should get every night. Some people function well with just 4 to 5 hours of sleep and others (like me) need closer to 9. So do we really need to sleep, that much? Yes, we do. There are numerous reasons that we NEED our sleep even if we don’t think we do.


Here are a few:

Health Researchers have found that during the time that we sleep our immune systems get an extra boost, hormones and neurotransmitters are secreted that are related to stress reduction. We need uninterrupted sleep. REM sleep, which you may have heard of is the dream stage of sleep. We go through cycles of sleeping throughout the night that are all crucial to our heath and wellbeing. Sleeping improves: memory, weight loss, life expectancy, creativity and your attention span just to name a few.


Sometimes when we are REALLY tired we start to get cranky, forgetful and impatient. Every little thing starts to really bother our mood because we are lacking sleep. I mean think about it. Your body needs this time to reboot and if your body system doesn’t get the adequate amount of sleep you’re going to start slipping somewhere. That really cranky person you know may be someone who is missing out on valuable sleep.


This may come as a surprise and it may not, but we need to catch those Z’s to perform well in bed. You get home from work, busy day, made dinner for the kids, even did a few loads of laundry. You’re TIRED. Your intimacy is suffering because you need more sleep. Let’s be honest, being intimate can be hard, rewarding work, but if you’re too sleepy you won’t be at your best and may not even want to be involved with the task.

Thinking Clearly

I’m very guilty of this one. This is one of the main reasons I know that I need more sleep. Somehow everything gets fuzzy and blurred in my head, if that makes sense. Our brains need rest to perform the everyday activities we are involved in. When we are lacking sleep we tend to be forgetful, cloudy-minded, and experience a sort of fuzziness when going about our day. You become more prone to mistakes, find it harder to solve problems, and your attention span even takes a turn for the worse. You know that feeling right?


So all in all yes, we do NEED that sleep! Try to remember some of the times that you were super tired, made goofy mistakes and started to forget simple things. Our lives get so busy and hectic that we try to put sleep aside but don’t do it! Reschedule some activities around and make a night time routine to make sure you catch those necessary Z’s. Without the sleep we need our body systems starts to lack in every place! Next time you think you can get away with 5 hours of sleep remember the benefits of sleep and the side effects of insufficient sleep!


The Art of Forgiveness

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IMG_0935.PNGForgiveness, an art? Why yes it is. There is a certain technique, mindset and willingness you HAVE to have in order to forgive. What is the use in forgiving? He or she did something so bad to me, why should I give them a chance? Whether it was a close family member, a friend, a coworker or a complete stranger from off the street we should try to forgive them for what they have done.

Firstly remember this, we do not forgive for the other person just because they say “sorry” because the other person may not have apologized in the first place! “Why would I forgive someone who isn’t sorry?” Because forgiveness is the ONLY way to fully liberate yourself from the baggage that you carry around on a day to day basis.

Maybe it was that crazy ex who cheated on you repeatedly, disrespected you and emotionally abused…

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