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Why Don’t Black Moms Breastfeed?


Compared to the rates for hispanic and white mothers in the United States, black moms lag behind. Breastfeeding for black moms is a rather taboo subject.

Sure, it may be more convenient to go to the store and buy formula but when you tally up the costs and benefits of breastfeeding there’s a clear upper hand to breastfeeding moms.


According to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control), 68% of black infants get breast milk at some point compared to 85% of white babies and 84% of Hispanic babies.


So why don’t black mothers breastfeed as much as their counterparts? The following factors contribute to this phenomenon.


Personal Preference


Many moms do not want to struggle with breastfeeding. From waking up in the middle of the night, multiple times, to needing a breast pump and storage place for the expressed milk.


Breastfed newborns need milk every 2 hours, compared to formula-fed newborns who drink their milk every 3-4 hours.


Lack of Resources


Unfortunately, there are not a whole lot of resources out there for expectant black mothers to support them with breastfeeding.

Unless you already know a mom, who has breastfed or have always wanted to, you won’t necessarily see commercials or advertisements that encourage breastfeeding in our communities.


Resources include things like, educational programs aimed to help mothers be successful at breastfeeding, and support for mothers who may have questions.




Many times, there are stereotypes within the community that discourage black mothers from breastfeeding.


Maybe your friends and family members aren’t as encouraging when it comes to breastfeeding your baby since it is sort of taboo within the community.




The Work Place

It is not very often that we get to be stay at home moms so that means after the 6 weeks is up we usually have to go back to work. Many employers aren’t very accepting and flexible with mom’s breast pumping while at work.


Of course, if your job doesn’t cooperate you will be reluctant to go against them since they are the ones paying the bills.


Why Breast-Feed in the First Place


Breastfeeding has substantial benefits for both mother and baby. There are many, many reasons to breastfeed your baby and support another mom who may be struggling.


  • Babies Health

This one may be the most important for new moms. Your naturally made breast milk contains enzymes and hormones made especially for baby. Formula simply cannot be made with these structures included.


  • Breast Milk Changes

Your own breast milk is tailored specifically to your babies needs at the time. If baby starts coming down with a cold, then your milk will start to supply nutrients and antibodies that will give the baby an extra push to get better.


  • Birth Control

Yes, breastfeeding is also a form of birth control. Your body recognizes that you already have a little one so this stops the ovulation process.


For this to be effective you have to breastfeed without supplementing with formula and no solid foods for the baby before six months.


  • Lose Weight

Your body will return back to normal size or a healthier size when breastfeeding. All of your energy and nutrients are being spent making a valuable concoction for baby.


Your uterus will contract into its regular size quicker so you can get back to your pre-baby weight.


  • No Menstrual Cycle

Your cycle will not fully come back while exclusively breastfeeding. This is part of the reason that you won’t get pregnant at this time.


  • Healthy Mom

Moms who breastfeed have been proven to have lower instances of breast cancer, cervical cancer, and even osteoporosis.


  • Save Lots of Money

We all know how expensive formula can get. Whether you choose Similac or Enfamil or another brand you’re bound to spend an extra $100-200 a month, at least.


Breastfeeding simply does not have these costs.


What Now?



Now that we know better we can begin to do better.

If you’re a mom talk to another mom about breastfeeding, see how they think and feel.

Educate friends and family members. Maybe you can start an initiative in your area.


Breastfeeding may not be possible for all new mothers so if you see someone in need, help them if you can.


Raise awareness to the disparities among black moms, and moms of other races. Just because we don’t breastfeed at equal rates right now doesn’t mean we can’t change that in the future.


Join a program and if you do happen to be expecting or wanting a baby soon, consider doing it yourself. Give it a try, what’s the worst that can happen?


It may be tough at first, but with the right resources, you could be really successful. For more information on the benefits of breast feeding go here.

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Tumeric: The Spice Everyone Should Be Using


Tumeric is a plant that is similar to Ginger in structure. The most simple use of Tumeric is to use it in its spice form and season whatever you may be cooking with it.

Tumeric can also be used in teas or even salads. You may be wondering why everyone should use this plant.

tumeric 1


Tumeric has a vast amount of medicinal properties ranging from anti-inflammatory, lowering the risk of cancers, anti-aging properties, and can even improve brain function! These are just a few of the health benefits of the thousand-year-old spice.


Tumeric can slow the production and instance of getting blood clots as well. The anti-inflammatory properties in the spice also contribute to its ability to prevent blood clots.


This may sound odd, but Tumeric has also been proven to decrease depression in humans. Research has been done on the topic, and when placed against a placebo (fake pill) the people who had Tumeric responded with feeling less depressed than those on a placebo.


Some of the lesser known medicinal benefits of Tumeric include a reduction in Alzheimer’s, heart disease, and expansion of the anti-oxidant contents your body can use.


Anti-oxidants are powerful minerals that keep us healthy and safe from common colds, flu, and sinus infection. Whenever you have a cold or begin to get a little sick take a teaspoon of honey mixed with Tumeric and see how quickly your symptoms disappear.


Just remember to see the doctor if you still feel crummy.


Tumeric is just now regaining some of its popularity. Many countries in Asia use this spice frequently, especially in curry. In its natural form, it produces a yellow, orange tint to whatever food it comes in contact with.




Tumeric has also been proven to assist the liver in ridding toxins from the body.


Now that you have an idea of the multiple benefits of Tumeric you can begin incorporating it into your diet. Go to your local grocery store or Whole Foods store and they will have some in stock.




Why I Traced My Ancestry

Life Writes with Tiffany


I’m sure you’ve noticed the growing popularity in those DNA kits and tracing your history/ancestry. If not, all you have to do is google “DNA kits” and you’ll see an array of companies you can use for this process.

Some are skeptical. I get it, but if you go into the research and know anything about biology or DNA you’ll realize this is no scam or gimmick. Just like figuring out Paternal DNA you can get your DNA tested against different groups of people across the world to see if you have similar DNA as those groups of people. I’ve tried two of the DNA companies but eventually I plan on trying all of them because they offer different services.

So I’m here to share with you my experience results and reasons for why I love this fairly new technology and think it is sooo important.

Being African-American we don’t…

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Be The Light

Life Writes with Tiffany

The world is filled with too much darkness, too much hate and confusion and not enough love.


Be the light in the midst of all the dark, your smile may change someone’s day.

Be kind always. Even when people aren’t kind to you. Maybe they’ve had a bad day or are going through tough times. They could be fighting a war you know nothing about. Show them the mercy that you would want shown to you.

When light shines darkness cannot prevail. It immediately withdraws from where it came.

Don’t be fooled. Being the light doesn’t mean that you’re tolerant or afraid to stand up for what’s right.

Imagine your room dark, you can’t see a thing but the moment you flick the switch your light comes on, BOLD, without hesitation.

With truth and light you have nothing to fear.

Carry it with you always, truth that is. You never…

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Potential and Preperation 

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What is potential? The ability to have certain traits and circumstance that could lead to your success? Your personality, attitude, energy level and even intelligence.
Is potential the set of skills that you’re naturally born with? Could it also be the energy that is within you to have the ability to do a certain task. Potential is something you must grow, feed, and take care of.
So you have the potential. I believe all of us do, we just have to find it and CULTIVATE it into something so spectacular that the whole world will be mesmerized. You have to believe in you, once you do, figure out what your potential is in. Maybe you have potential in multiple things. We need to stop putting all our time to one task when we have the brain power to efficiently be excellent at whatever we please.
How do you prep your…

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