The Art of Forgiveness

IMG_0935.PNGForgiveness, an art? Why yes it is. There is a certain technique, mindset and willingness you HAVE to have in order to forgive. What is the use in forgiving? He or she did something so bad to me, why should I give them a chance? Whether it was a close family member, a friend, a coworker or a complete stranger from off the street we should try to forgive them for what they have done.

Firstly remember this, we do not forgive for the other person just because they say “sorry” because the other person may not have apologized in the first place! “Why would I forgive someone who isn’t sorry?” Because forgiveness is the ONLY way to fully liberate yourself from the baggage that you carry around on a day to day basis.

Maybe it was that crazy ex who cheated on you repeatedly, disrespected you and emotionally abused…

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One response to “The Art of Forgiveness”

  1. Absolutely agree with your words in totality and for sure forgiving others is so important cause you are forgiving yourself and then others. Great words.


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